The Johan Cruyff Institute provides education in Sports Management and Sports Marketing worldwide and develops projects within the sports industry.

The Johan Cruyff Institute was created by athletes and aims to become an international reference of Sports Management within the sports world. We are fully sports-oriented, building bridges between education and sports organizations through talent and knowledge transfer.

Our academic programs and services are tailor-made for each and every reality and adapted to the ever changing learning needs at all stages. We see students as players, teachers as coaches and partners, and colleagues as teammates.

Since its start in 1999, the Cruyff Institute has satisfied the academic needs of athletes and individuals with a strong passion for sports. In addition to our academic programs, we provide business solutions to sport organizations and business entities who, like us, embrace the dynamics and skills associated with sports.

Currently, our international network consists of 5 Cruyff Institutes worldwide, 3 Cruyff Universities (NL) and 5 Cruyff Colleges (NL).

Johan Cruyff“In my opinion, athletes possess remarkable qualities. They are committed, eager to improve and goal-oriented. With these traits and the right academic training, our athletes become successful leaders in the world of Sports Management. Who better to serve the best interests of sport than someone who has the heart of an athlete?”

Johan Cruyff, Founder



The Johan Cruyff Institute is at the forefront of education, research, management and professional development in the global sports industry.

We turn our students’ innate passion for sport into professional careers by providing education in Sports Management & Sports Marketing.

Our academic programs are targeted towards individuals who are passionate about sport and wish to establish themselves professionally in this sector, especially athletes and former athletes. They are also aimed at all sports managers and professionals who wish to receive further education to expand their skills and increase their efficiency.

We provide comprehensive, tailor-made courses and services to sport organizations and extend these services to the business sector.


Johan Cruyff Institutes, Universities & Colleges

Principles and values

Johan Cruyff Institute Principles and Values

Learning model

Our study programs have been designed by professionals from sports and academics. Our programs promote education as a “lifelong learning process” and cover a constantly changing global market.


  • 100% sports-oriented
  • The student is at the very center of the learning process
  • Learning by doing
  • Flexible schedules, diverse learning environments using the latest technologies
  • Communication and debate
  • Case studies and method analysis
  • Study rhythm adapted to each individual’s workload and availability
  • Field trips to sports organizations, companies and facilities
  • Presentations and Master Classes by experienced sports industry professionals
  • Information and access to seminars and sports events

We deliver programs on campus, on site and online to make our studies accessible around the world. In this way, we are able to respond to academic needs with both agility and quality.



The teachers of the Johan Cruyff Institute are experts from the sports sector and combine research and consultancy with teaching. Through their experience and knowledge, they have developed a broad variety of cases and concepts to work with.

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Johan Cruyff Institute offers students, alumni, faculty and members of our network the opportunity to connect and collaborate, to share their passion for sports and their professional expertise. We promote and facilitate continuous learning. Students can develop new skills and reach their full potential. Our vast growing international community is in this sense a large network of personal, social and professional relationships, and its’ influence expands in both the sports and business sectors.

Career Services


Our Corporate Internship Program is a natural result of the Cruyff Institute’s global network. Internships are enriching learning experiences for both organizations and students. They contribute to the professional development of the organization, and offer students the opportunity to access the world of sports, live the reality of a sports organization and apply the acquired skills and knowledge acquired.


The Cruyff Institute serves as a platform between potential applicants and the sports business sector. Many sports organizations and businesses with job vacancies turn to us when they search for candidates with a ‘sports mentality’.

The Cruyff Institute selects and contacts qualified candidates within its network. We also announce job openings and new projects in sports throughout our channels.